Firstly, congratulations on welcoming a new member to the family!

La Organiser can help you transform your space into a bright, airy, organised room that is a joy for kids and adults alike. Nobody likes stepping on Lego in the middle of the night ;-)

I have children so fully understand the challenges that they can bring when creating a streamlined home. It’s a fact of life, kids come with a lot of “stuff”, and like Gremlins, it seems to multiply every time your back is turned!

By organising drawers and storage systems, recycling outgrown clothes and unused toys, and positioning furniture to maximise on space, we can breathe new life into a nursery.

Though they’re an invaluable space in your home, playrooms can quickly become a claustrophobic cacophony of toys, books, games and mess.

I work with the existing storage organise your playroom into a more functional, usable space. Plus, as children grow, we can help you to future-proof and design rooms that allow for growth and change without chaos.