Terms & Conditions

This document specifies the terms on which LaOrganiser is working and delighted to help the client. All work which is carried out by LaOrganiser will be at the highest standard possible to satisfy its clients wishes at its best.


Confidentiality and Privacy

LaOrganiser is always providing a professional and confidential service. No details of the engagement with the client will be shared with third parties. Before any testimonials used or photographs are taken during the sessions for showing the different stages in the process, the client will be asked for consent for publishing it on the LaOrganiser website or social media. If the client is mentioned to others in regards of the LaOrganiser services, then in a depersonalised and unidentifiable form e.g. “a client in Kensington”. This is often a helpful way to share experiences and give examples to other clients.



Advice is given in good faith and without pressure. It is always the client’s decision whether to or not to follow advice given, especially if the client has to decide what personal possessions he/she let go or keep. LaOrganiser can not accept responsibility for the consequences of those decisions taken on the basis of the given advice whether at the time of consultation, during the decluttering process or in the organisation period, or at any subsequent date following any future engagement or consultation. As LaOrganiser is not a valuer of art or other items of special value or rarity, LaOrganiser has not the expertise to identify those items nor is qualified to advice the client in regards of valuation matters for selling them or for insurance purposes. The client is advised to seek his/her own valuations of any items.LaOrganiser always treats the client’s possession with respect and care. In the case of accidental damage or loss, however caused, the client agree that LaOrganiser is not held liable for losses or damage caused during their sessions.


Limits of work

LaOrganiser is unable to move or lift heavy items (e.g. a refrigerator) for Health and Safety reasons. If this is required the client needs to arrange with a third party by him-/herself. LaOrganiser  is always happy to undertake some light cleaning to assist the decluttering, sorting and organisation process but is not providing a professional cleaning service.



If the client engages LaOrganiser to work at a particular location and access is restricted, LaOrganiser reserve the right to charge for the lost time and its expenses.


Removal of Items

LaOrganiser works with the client and his/her belongings. If any items, not belonging to the client, should be decluttered, then only with the express permission of the person concerned, who needs to sign a consent form prior. LaOrganiser is happy to offer help to take items to a charity shop.  Any items which needs to be removed from the client’s premises for disposal will only be done at the client’s own discretion and permission. The client is responsible for all items disposed of in the decluttering, sorting and organisation process.



During a half day session (3 hours) one break a 20 minutes will be required. A 60 minutes lunch break will be taken during a full day session (6 hours). Both breaks are not part of the sessions and not charged for.



A deposit of 50 % is required via bank transfer to confirm the booking. Full payment is required at the end of the session. You will receive a receipt, which you can pay cash or bank transfer. The invoice is following via email same day.



Both parties have the right to cancel the contract due to unforeseen circumstances. If the client is unable to give LaOrganiser at least two working days notice that both parties can reschedule the appointment or in the event of cancellation by the client less than two working days before the agreed day, LaOrganiser reserves the right to charge 50 % of the amount due.


Please read all Terms & Conditions before booking an appointment 

After booking you will be asked to sign our client agreement