"Love Elen At LaOrganiser
Initially she helped me several times with my closets organisation.
After my moved to the USA she redecorated  my office at home providing a beautiful space and uncovering great original features and using my own furniture. I would recommend her very highly no matter how small or big your project is she has great eye, she works fast and understands your needs."

Kora Adler - New Jersey, NY



"I moved to my new house a few months ago. I had clothes , shoes , handbags and jackets in different wardrobes. Elen came and gave me the fabulous idea to turn the biggest bedroom in my house into a walking wardrobe Elen and her team were working for 3 days."

Lilly Becker - Wimbledon



"As I’m a busy man I don’t have time to tidy up much. Elen came just to move some clothes from my other wardrobes to the new fitted one in my bedroom. Elen then called me and asked me if she could organise the kitchen drawers.

I told her to “go ahead and change anything she wanted.

She then organised my entire apartment. She went through my medicine cupboard, toiletries and hideous cables.  She even changed furniture and redecorated a bit. When I came back after my work trip I could not recognise my apartment.

It was like a show flat. It looked amazing."

Wayne E. - Chelsea



"Elen was great to have around. She had never seen my wardrobe before and after 10 minutes she knew all her way around it and she figured out where to put every single item effortlessly.

She will come back to do my set a new walking wardrobe on the top floor soon." 

Imogen Thomas - Wandsworth



"I work long hours and was dreading the chaos of moving to my new apartment  A friend put me on to Elen at La Organiser and she totally took the stress away. I had a consultation with her and showed her photos of the empty area.

We talked about the style and layout that I was looking for and after chatting I felt comfortable enough to hand a spare set of keys over and leave her to it. I am so glad I did. I couldn’t believe it when I opened the door after work. The place looked amazing. It was beautifully laid out and even had a space made for my daughter to use that I’m sure she will love. Elen accomplished in 8 hours what would have taken me weeks. I’ve been here for a fortnight now and not moved or rearranged anything. It's just perfect.

Thank you!"

David Bouton - Mayfair